FemiLift Services in Easton & Stroudsburg!



The Center for Laser & Aesthetic Medicine is pleased to be the first in the Lehigh Valley to offer the FemiLift as a solution for various vaginal issues such as stress incontinence, laxity, and vaginal dryness. Many sexually active women suffer from decreased sensation and urinary incontinence due to advanced age or childbirth. FemiLift Laser Vaginal Tightening utilizes cutting edge laser technology to quickly and painlessly treat and restore feminine health concerns such as vaginal dryness. It rejuvenates the mucous membranes of the vagina improving blood flow, which helps to ease the symptoms of vaginal dryness.

During the FemiLift Procedure
The FemiLift uses a fractional CO2 laser to safely resurface the vaginal tissue. It is a painless, minimally invasive procedure which takes less than 10 minutes to perform in an office setting. The CO2 laser probe is inserted in the vagina and emits pulses of laser energy to heat and contract the collagen fibers of the vaginal tissue, improving laxity. It also stimulates new collagen production, resulting in thicker, more elastic vaginal tissue. An additional response to the laser is it promotes neo-vascularization (improved blood supply), which in turn improves lubrication and sensation of the vagina.

After the FemiLift Procedure
Because each patient has their own goals for treatment, our medical provider will inform you as to what to expect during treatment. While most women feel marked improvement after only two sessions, we usually suggest four sessions spaced four to six weeks apart to deliver the best possible outcome.

After these appointments, patients should notice a decrease in stress urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, and the tightening of the vaginal tissues. Patients cannot be pregnant, breastfeeding, or have intercourse for 3-5 days following a procedure.