O-Shot & G-Shot Services you can be proud of!

What are the

What are the "O" Shots?

The term "O-Shot" is a registered trademark that is short for "Orgasm" shot. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), which is taken from your own blood, is injected in the clitoris and in the vagina in the area of the Grafenburg spot, or "G-Spot," the erotic zone within the vagina in the proximity of the urethra. It is repeated annually.

Intended O-Shot Results:
~More natural lubrication
~Enhanced ability to have a vaginal orgasm
~Increased sensation
~Increased arousal
~Youthful appearance of the vulva
~Improvement of urinary incontinence

What are the

What are the "G" Shots?

The "G-Shot" is another trademarked term that refers to the injection of filler into the G-Spot, repeated every three to five months. With usage of the names of these treatments restricted, physicians may refer to these or similar treatments under different terminology.

Intended G-Shot Results:
~Results can vary from patient-to-patient. Typically, increases in sexual sensations last for about three to four months. At that time, another shot will need to be administered for the desired results.
~Keep in mind, G-shots do not cure low sex drive or sexual dysfunction.