Orchid Facial Club

Orchid Facial Club

  • Introducing The Center for Laser & Aesthetic Medicine Facial Membership program: Orchid Facial Club.
  • We have designed this program to be flexible to your schedule while helping you enjoy clear, healthy skin all year round!
  • Achieve and maintain clear and glowing skin with a healthy skincare routine. Whether you have problemetic skin or just want some ME time once a month, this club is for you!

Choose Any One Treatment each month

  • Soothing Facial - $65/month
    -Relieves redness and irritated skin
  • Hydrating Facial - $65/month
    -Restore your glow by replenishing moisture back into dehydrated skin
  • Deep Pore Cleaning Treatment - $65/month
    -Extractions of congested pores with reducing oil

Our Chemical Peels that can be upgraded for a fee consist of:

  • Micropeel Sensitive
  • 20% Glycolic
  • 30% Glycolic
  • 20% Salicylic
  • 30% Salicylic
  • Pigment Balancing
  • Reconditioning and Firming Treatment

Benefits to the Program

  • Facial Club members will receive 5% off ALL Skinceutical Products! 

Program Details

If you are an existing customer or just checking us out for the first time, The Center for Laser & Aesthetic Medicine is here to promote healthy skin year round while making service and appointments stress free (Stress is bad for your skin and complexion!).
These very simple guidelines have been created in the interest of fairness to everyone:

  • Every month receive one facial designed specifically to meet your needs.
  • There is a mininum of 3 facials (3 months) of services before opting out of the memebership.
  • Our customers have saved up to 25% per facial.
  • Recommended time between facials is 4 weeks.
  • You may gift your facial to another person.
  • You may upgrade to a chemical peel or hydrodermabrasion treatment for an additional fee ($20 and $30 respectively). 
  • Allow approximately 45-60 minutes per appointment time. 
  • Cannot be performed immediately after Botox or filler installation. Inquire about additional contraidication as perfatins to chemical peels.
  • VIPeels cannot be subsitituted. 
  • Recurring payments will be on the same day every month (bill date will be the same as sign up date).
  • Sign up online or in person.
  • Please note that to cancel your membership, it must be done at least 7 day prior to your next bill date.